Gone baby, gone

I got a call on the 11th that Madame was to be moved to a new foster home so that she could finally be placed with her brothers. The usual protocol is to give a 10 day notice but since the tenth day fell on the weekend the case worker asked if we could do the move on Friday, the 19th. Due to the visit worker’s availability the 19th was changed to the 18th so I had a week to pack Madame up and prepare her for the transition. When I started to explain it to her she told me that she knew, her 5 year old brother had already told her that she would be living with them at their new foster home, and wouldn’t be with us anymore. I think she understood as much as she could, but would occasionally talk about coming back to our house, or say “I wake up, *visit worker* pick me up and take me to your house?”, which is how she usually talks about visit with her parents.

We spent our last week trying to knock thing off our bucket list. Madame and I went to visit my parents over the weekend. They live in a small town about 2 hours away from me and were having a balloon festival on the lake, and their little county fair. We hit the fair Saturday morning and saw the animal, which were mostly terrifying, except the bunnies and chickens. We did a couple of rides (just the bounce houses, really, I don’t trust traveling carnie rides), ate some junk food, and got her face painted. After nap and dinner we went to the beach to check out the hot air balloons, though it was too windy for the balloons to take off Madame enjoyed playing on the beach and in the water. They did finally blow up a few balloons and lit them up as the sun set, which was lovely to see. Madame was entranced.

We headed home Sunday afternoon, and had some family photos taken at the park by a good friend. The rest of the week went by like a flash. Andy & I both took Wednesday off so that we could spend her last day with us together. We got up early and took the boat out on the river one last time, did some fishing, explored a little beach, and had Madame drive the boat a little. We went to her hippie daycare to have lunch so she could say goodbye to her teachers and friends, I made cupcakes to share and she decorated them with sprinkles. After nap we went to Build-a-Bear to spend an absurd amount of money on a stuffed Hello Kitty lovey, but I’m glad she’ll have something snuggle to remind her of her time with us.


Thursday morning we woke up, got dressed and carried all of her things to the worker’s car when she came to pick up Madame. And then it was time to say goodbye.