The stork is calling

I received a call today for a 3 year old girl. After hearing the low down I asked the worker for a couple of minutes to call and confer with my husband. I asked him what he thought, and his answer was, of course, “you know, whatever you think”. I had pretty much decided that, yes, we could take her but I took another minute to call my mom and process my thoughts.

I phoned the worker back to say yes, we could take her. She let me know that they were still looking for a home that could take her and her 2 older brothers. In the mean time they have a home lined up for the 2 boys, and us for the little girl. We should hear back in the morning if they found a place for all three, or if she will be coming to us. I’m really hoping they are able to keep the sibling group together, but of course will enjoy having this little lady stay with us if needed.


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