Nothing to report

Squish is home. He and mama are doing great! I’m providing his childcare, so I still get to hang out with him during the week, which is super awesome.

I thought I would need some time before “opening” our home again, but I find myself excited for another little one. I guess I’m not as big a fan of sleep as I had thought. Originally I planned to stay closed for the duration of the trial home placement but we’re not sure how long it will actually be. It’s supposed to be 30 days, but the CW said something about it being until the next hearing, which isn’t until mid-May, which would make it a full 60 days. So who knows? I’m tempted to contact my support worker next week and let her know we’re ready to open again, especially since it seems to take forever to get a call in our area.

I want to take care of ALL THE BABIES!!



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