Good news!

We received word last week that Squish’s mom was approved for her apartment! This means that Squish should be headed home very soon. We should get more information about the timeline at the family team meeting on Wednesday, but I anticipate that they will do a few weekends of overnights before the judge approves the trial home placement.

We are very excited for Squish and his mama, and though I’ll miss having him round all the time I’m still going to see him regularly as I’m providing his child care. I still have paperwork to submit to the state so that I can accept subsidy payments (why, oh why can’t they just transfer the info from my foster file?) but once I get that straightened out it should be smooth sailing!

I’m excited to find out what our next adventure will be, but I think we’ll stay “closed” for a little while after Squish goes home. At least for the 30 days of the trial home placement, just in case something happens and he needs to come back to us. I doubt that would happen, but I wouldn’t want him to go to a different foster home if something came up.

I’ll be sure to follow up after Weds, but this is all good, good news!


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