The stork is coming

Just said yes to a call for a 2 month old boy. Nesting mode, activated.



My husband just called me from work letting me know that he just got a message from our agency. For an 11 year old. This is the 4th time or so that they have called us for a child outside of our age range (0-5) and as much as I would like to take an older child, we a simply not set up for it right now. We’re hoping to find a bigger/nicer place before we relicense this summer so that we can take older/multiple children but right now our license ┬áspecifically states that we may care for 1 child under the age of 5.

I’ve been told by a few friends who have been through this to stick to my guns but damn is it heartbreaking to have to say no to a child needing a home.